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  1. Spray PH 4

    The seven stages are as follows:- • Degreaseing For removing of oil, dust and any greasy substances. The chemical is basically alkaline and made as 15% Strength in water. The chemical is heated up-to 60 degree. The jobs are then dipped in solution for 5 min and due to Chemical reaction all the dust, oil and greasy substance is removed.• Water Rinse For cleaning and removing the excess detergent. The plain water is in the tank and when the components are dipped, excess detergent is removed and the Components are washed.• Derusting For removing the rust and scale on components. The chemical is basically acidic and a solution of 15% in water is made. The components are dipped for 5-7 min depending on the amount of rust. The components then become virgin and ready for next process.• Water Rinse The excess chemical is washed in the water.• Phosphating For giving a adhesive coat on metal. The solution is made of 10% in water. The components are kept in the solution for 5-10 min depending on the Coating required on the jobs. The solution is generally heated up-to 60-70 degree.• Water Rinse For removing excess solution.• Passivation For giving a protective coat on the phosphated job. The solution is made of 5% strength. The chemical is heated up-to 60 degree C. The jobs are then dipped in solution for approx 2-3 min and a protective coat comes on the job.
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