Two Component Spray Application System

Two Component Spray Application System

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  • Fixed ratio hot/cold, low/high pressure systems for epoxy/polyurethane, liquid/semi-solid having set times from 15 seconds and above.
  • Polyurea coatings and other having set time below 15 seconds.
  • Variable ratio electronic/lever. Hot/cold, low/high pressure systems.


  • Reduced operational cost.
  • Reduction in Labour cost.
  • Effective flushing and cleaning.
  • Components with different viscosity can be handled easily because of inline heating facility.
  • Downtime required for maintenance is very low.
  • Our design feature ensures exact dosage of each component being dispensed into the mixing block.
  • Flexibility for various mixing ratios just by changing few parts or position.
  • Use of heating system allows applying uniform coating even at low ambient temperature.
  • Principles of safety integration incorporated while designing the machine.

Suitable for

Spraying of polyurea, epoxy / polyurethane coatings